The mission of the Institute of the Holy Spirit is to work for the Glory of God and support the Church, by building up the mystical body of Christ through education for salvation, and promulgating devotion to the Holy Spirit.  In this endeavor, we strive to help all people grow in understanding of the Holy Spirit and His infinite mercy, consolation and healing.


Through God's grace, the mercy of Christ and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit; The Institute of the Holy Spirit will:

Organize and conduct conferences, seminars, missions and healing services.

Produce, develop, publish, broadcast, and distribute religious content in all forms of printed and electronic media including but not limited to TV, Radio, World Wide Internet, and printed materials. 

Invent, artistically create, manufacture, distribute and sell religious articles, icons, mementos, and gifts.

Own, lease and occupy real property for the purpose of conducting this entity’s business. 

Solicit endorsements, endowments, donations, and any other contributions to fund the work of the Institute.